Um Peixe Amarelo

In the last two years I lived in UWC Dilijan, an international boarding school in Armenia. There I met many friends from all over the world and got to know about Global Citizen Year. One of my closest friend there is Brazilian and he used to show me a bunch of music from Brazil- which made my way to get to know Brazilian culture and some Portuguese!


My whole time favorites;







While listening to these songs during the summer, I mainly fantasized, planned and tried to picture what will this year look like. Who would I lean on in hard times? What will be my challenges? Before I even knew it- a challenge was already set. A long, exhausting visa application process in the Brazilian embassy in Tel Aviv was a hard-enough challenge that kept me day and night trying to prepare documents. I really don’t know why this simple looking process was so time and energy consuming. I kept thinking it was all a big signal telling me to give up! I was fighting for an experience I didn’t even started!

Bureaucracy, indifferent attitude of officials and poor understanding of the application process will lead my first steps into this gap year to be exhausting and super annoying. But I got the visa on the last minute, and even on time for the launch in California.


Here I’m Coming Brazil!



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