What does it mean to be “college ready” in 2016?

In January, Global Citizen Year convened 60 local parents, educators, and business leaders for an important discussion on how we can prepare our kids to thrive in college, careers and life.

Abby Falik, Founder/CEO of Global Citizen Year, led a conversation with Rick Shaw, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid at Stanford University, and Than Healy, Head of the Menlo School, that expanded the “college ready” definition from pure academics to the mindsets, skills, and experiences that shape one’s values, priorities, and identity.

As Healy said, “Students are going to get a great education at a lot of schools. The larger goal is: who are they as people? That’s their resilience, their ability to collaborate, their humility, their perspective. That maturity and purpose is one of the things a program like Global Citizen Year can offer.”

Attendees also heard from four Global Citizen Year alumni about how their bridge year accelerated their path into college. It’s well worth watching.