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Shukura Babirye

Shukura is passionate about sustainability and discovering ways to meet the needs of the present without compromising the future.  Additionally, she is committed into developing ways to achieve long-term peace.  Through facilitating and being involved in peace conferences both locally and abroad, she has worked with young people to achieve peace in their communities.  Shukura’s goal during her year in Ecuador is to become fluent in Spanish, develop innovative ideas that empower individuals, whilst holding onto her beliefs around sustainability and peace.  A quote that resonates with Shukura is, ‘Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud’ – Maya Angelou.  This quote is her favourite as it is a simple mantra to live by.  Shukura always tries to say optimistic and find the positive in difficult situations.


March till Now. (capstone reflection)

June 7, 2018

Late March- Early April    Did the one thing I told myself I wouldn’t do, and that was to fall in love with my host community and people who have helped me so much over this journey. From my host mum and sisters, to the students from my colegio, all the way to missing the...

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A Letter To My Past and Future Self

February 27, 2018

This is a letter in response to what I wrote myself during the Stanford week right before starting this interesting journey. Dear Shukura (August 2017), I know you hoped that I would be completely fluent in Spanish but I am not. I really have improved and I am  getting closer everyday and try my hardest...

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Integration vs. Assimilation

November 18, 2017

Global Citizen Year emphasises the idea that we need to integrate to our communities to feel like we have fulfilled this 8 month programme. However, what does that really mean?  Integration is defined as enhancing the community that you are in due to the adaptation of both parties in forming a new and improved social...

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Visioning My Victory

November 5, 2017

I want the dream of being fluent in another language to be a reality. I know it is a challenge but I am never one to back down and quit.  This will take a lot of time and commitment. I will need to put myself constantly in the stretch zone to the point where it...

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Gender Roles in Ecuador

October 15, 2017

Something that I have notice whilst being here in Ecuador is the importance of defining gender. I never knew how much of a female dominant presence I had in my own family home until I arrived here. Yesterday was very interesting because all the females during dinner had red mugs, and the father of the...

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My Promises

September 25, 2017

As I am currently staying in my host family finally starting the adventure that I have waited over 160 days for, it still somehow feels surreal for me. However, I thought it would be nice to make a post on how I am able to cope with homesickness, or actual sickness to make sure that...

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Spoken Words: But That’s Just Me

August 30, 2017

  I somehow never fit in with those girls with, or without melanin.   Just because this rhymes does that mean I’m not intelligent?    Plump lips and big chest    Somehow on other girls it looks best,    But that’s just me.      I’ve never liked kool aid,    I don’t like it...

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New Adventure

August 3, 2017

In less than 24 days I will be embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. I am so excited to see all the fellow cohorts from Ecuador and ready to learn about the culture in Ecuador. 

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