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Jordan Kendall


How Do I Say Goodbye?

April 3, 2018

The question that has been circling my mind for the last three weeks. How do I say goodbye? How do I say goodbye to the family that opened their hearts and homes to let me in? My sisters that are so incredibly obnoxious, extra, and occasionally bratty that it feels like I’m in an episode...

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From Then Until Now- A Year in Photos

April 2, 2018

Quito, September 15. The moment I realized that the friends I would make during this year would become some of the people I cherish most in the world. Sigsig, September 29. My first day at my apprenticeship. A day full of confusion and fear of the unknown. Cuenca, October 28. Finding out one of my...

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Crossing Cultures

February 22, 2018

 Throughout my childhood, the only things I can recall remembering about Latin American culture are these: Latin America is the same thing as Mexico Latinos are all lazy Latinos are often criminals Latinos in the US are all illegal immigrants My younger self unsuspectingly accepted these generalizations as true due to the miniscule exposure I...

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A Christmas Misfortune

December 25, 2017

For those of you that enjoy reading about unfortunate events, this one’s for you. The holidays as we know it are a time of giving, gratitude, and spending time with family. I was hoping to achieve all of these as I anxiously waited for my family to come visit me.  Ever since three months prior,...

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Classrooms are Overrated

November 3, 2017

There were so many people in my life that thought I was absolutely insane for deciding to travel to Ecuador instead of going to college like everybody else. I was constantly met with statements along the line of “you can always travel abroad in college” and “why don’t you focus on your education first?”. To...

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Lost in Translation

September 25, 2017

Since embarking on my journey with Global Citizen Year, language became one of the things I thought about most often. Part of me was absolutely shaken to the core, knowing that I would be forced into a new culture without my primary form of expression. Whenever these thoughts came into my mind, I could feel...

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