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Jahshana Olivierre

Jahshana is passionate about social activism, cultural unity, writing, and using artistic mediums to convey meaningful messages. She is the president of her school's Ancestry Club and an active member of the Be Positive Campaign, which promotes youth empowerment amongst the underprivileged within her community. Her goals for the year are to evolve and to seek out and capture an issue that needs attention abroad.


Tailoring with Mane

May 6, 2014

If you know me then you probably know monotony and I do not get along, so I’ve traded in my days teaching English at the school (for other reasons as well, which is a whole other blog post) for sewing at Mane’s tailor shop. Tailoring is a huge market in Senegal. In Kebemer, the majority...

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My Sister’s Hands

March 27, 2014

My sister’s hands hold the weight of the world Her knuckles buckle under the pressure of expectation dismantled salvation societal degradation My sister’s hands are “ugly” they are worn out and bruised glorified yet abused for the sake of them us we me My sister’s hand have a price on them My sister’s hands are...

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Rhythmic Transitions

March 27, 2014

This piece was written in October at the beginning of my time here in Senegal. Rhythmic Transitions Takk tikki Takk takk the beating of our drums signified this important moment in time Takk takk tak tikki takk takk with each tap, our souls escaped and found itself interconnecting becoming one – dancing to the smooth...

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A Night & A Morning in Kebemer

February 20, 2014

I often spend these seemingly endless nights tossing and turning, engulfed in an ill- setup but well intentioned mosquito net. I’m at war – combating a billion different species of bugs, trying to eat me alive, and even when I see the twenty or so casualties I’ve inflicted my efforts fall short. The bugs continue to terrorize...

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The art of opening your heart

December 30, 2013

The stars illuminated the noir sky,the crashing waves became a calming melody – it was the night of November 28th one day before what would make a full three months since I set foot in Senegal and here I was in Toubab Dialaw gathered around familiar faces and warm spirits reflecting on it all. Now that I look back on it –...

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the art of ascension

July 19, 2013

A face among many undistinguished faces, a lost soul among many lost souls: who was I? What did others’ perception of me mean to me? What was my identity? These questions were the stepping stones to a new quest – a quest of self-discovery. I felt trapped – trapped in a box, a dark melancholic box. I feel...

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