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Isabel Nardi

Isabel is passionate about people. She is curious about other people’s stories, especially those that differ from her own. Throughout high school she was involved in sports, jump started a student run group in support of diversity, and was selected as a peer mentor. One of her personal missions is to work towards breaking down stereotypes so that each individual will be granted the opportunity to display their true selves. Throughout this year, Isabel hopes to figure out how to utilize her own strengths to the best of her ability. She is really looking forward to making this her year.


Put One Foot in Front of the Other

April 8, 2015

The bus this year for me has become the space for “me time.” I read, indulge in pod-casts, peer outside or simply people watch, and admittedly eavesdrop. I have been witness to countless roasted pigs, woman trudging 5 gallon pails on their backs, but out of all the things I have seen on my rides...

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The Roles I Play

April 7, 2015

Podcast by åÊIsabel Nardi    

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The Roles I Play

April 4, 2015

Podcast by Isabel Nardi    

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Alive & Well

January 9, 2015

Last year I adopted a phrase, which in all honesty I probably ended up overusing, applying it to anything and everything. The phrase went like this, “No plans are the best plans.” For awhile it fit, but one day I have a revolution, sometimes you do need plans so the motto was altered, “No plans...

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A True GAP Year Experience

October 17, 2014

It all started with a simple toothache.I had decided this was the universe telling me either I was eating too much food or I was meant to stay with my Quiteño family for a few extra days to solve my issue. I rolled into classes Monday and informed my team leader of my pain asking...

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On Authenticity

September 25, 2014

Put twenty girls in a youth hostel and illness is bound to go around. There I was, sitting in a chapel in Quito listening to directions on how to operate my Ecua phone, hard to believe that 53 eighteen year olds need to be taught how to use old school internet-less phones, right? However, in...

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And so it begins…

August 19, 2014

Only a few days lie between me and the start of my Global Citizen year. I would like to take you back to show you where my journey truly began. A few months ago I was lost. I felt out of place, I dreaded college talk, and I said the bare minimum when the topic...

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